Wayne Hindle Charity Dinner On Behalf Of The Christie Charity

Thursday 9 January 2014 - The Premier Lounge, 40 Corporation Road, Audenshaw, Manchester. M34 5LP


Many thanks to all those who attended the Wayne Hindle Charity Dinner on the 9th January in honour of our dear friend Mr Wayne Hindle who lost his life to cancer in December 2012. We are pleased to annouce a charity fund total of £1,546.09 in aid of The Christie Charity. The dinner raised £1475 and the Christie envelope collection raised £71.09.


The evening was a fabulous night with 97 guests having a three course dinner in the ever popular Premier Suite Lounge Audenshaw - what is becoming the Las Vegas of East Manchester. Located in a nice function room in Audenshaw, decorated in the colours of Wayne Hindle's ever popular Manchester City, back dropped with nice lighting, the atmosphere was electric, as if the big man himself was ever present, which he was of course with his mug shot nicely projected on the wall of the Premier Suite Lounge, courtesy of disco king - Peter Hutch!


After a gorgeous meal provided by the kitchen staff, Jim Whitley sang his soft dulcet tones on each and every table, greeting the gentlemen with a warm smile and handshake, and the ladies with a hug and kiss. (What a smoothie. He makes James Bond look rough that guy. His vocal skills are as smooth as his football skills!)


Steve Daley was absolutely brilliant with his life story in football, culminating at his torrid time at Manchester City in the late 70's as a £1.5m flop. Not deterred by the number of Manchester City fans in the audience who bought season tickets that year, Steve laid it on thick and fast and had the place in raptures in no time. So much so he received a standing ovation in some quarters of the room. If you ever have the chance to see Steve Daley, go and see him, his after dinner speech is a class act and a tad different from some of the normal speakers on the circuit.


This was followed by Josh Daniels, a very talented comidian who also had a few musical instrument skills along with some very funny lines that just about finished everybody off. The guy was top draw, and a typical geordie, funny right to the end.


During the evening a charity auction of football memrobilia brought in a few unexpected bids from some quarters of the room, so much so that I believe the credit cards were on fire next day! There is just no end to some peoples generosity and the big man Wayne would have had a right old chuckle seeing the sights of people throwing money for a good cause.


Here's the nitty gritty of the moeny raised on the night...


Charity fund breakdown:




Proceeds and ticket sales (97 guests at £35 each) = £3395.

Auction £390 profit from:


Hurst and Peters picture £225, reserve £225, profit £0. Bought by Ian Jones. Backhouse Jones Solicitors.

Oasis Picture £225, reserve at £195, profit £30. Bought by Adam Bradshaw, Belle Vue - Coach Hire Manchester

Messi Picture £325, reserve at £275, profit £50.

(This picture was not claimed by Cheryl Higgins and the profit was donated by the Premier Suite Lounge.)

Kompany Picture £200, reserve at £200, profit £0. Bought by Darren Saville, Denton.

Tyson Glove £325, reserve at £275, profit £50. Bought by Craig Murray, Denton.

Aguero Picture £350, reserve at £275, profit £75. Bought by Keith Elliot, Hyde.

Keane Picture £250, reserve at £225, profit £25. Bought by Donna Walton, Betty Boops Cafe, Levenshulme.

Silver Picture £215, reserve at £195, profit £20.  Bought by Lee Lanigan.

Colin Bell Picture £70 (donated by C&C Insurance Romiley), profit £70. Bought by Lee Lanigan (what a guy!)

Negrado Picture £290, reserve £225, profit £65. Bought by Phil Hitchen, Belle Vue - Coach Hire Manchester

Joe Hart Glove £130, reserve £125, profit £5. Bought by Keith Elliot, Hyde (what a guy!)

2 tickets for Man City game £100, (donated by Martin McNeill), bought by Thomas Swanson but never claimed. £0 profit.


Stand up bingo and raffle £870


Total income £4655




Printing £75.

Dinner and venue (97 dinners at £15 each) = £1455.

Speakers and entertainers (Steve Daley £700, Josh Daniels £650 and Jim Whitley £300) = £1650.


Total Outgoings £3180.


PROFIT £1,475


Envelope collection £71.09.


There was also a collection in the Christie envelopes which the total will be announced once the Christie have opened them and a cheque has been presented for the Wayne Hindle Charity Fund.


A MASSIVE thank you to all those that attended, bought pictures on the night, and contributed prizes:


Arthur Smith c/o Ricky Hattons Gym

Philip Hitchen, Belle Vue - Coach Hire Manchester & Arenal Golf.uk.com,

Martin McNeill,

Andy Green of C&C Insurance, Romily 

Neil Collins, Maximum Social Marketing

John Havern, The Premier Suite Lounge.


...and to the staff at The Premier Suite Lounge who did such a cracking job along with our entertainment Mr Steve Daley, Mr Josh Daniels and Mr Jim Whitley.


Thank you for your support for the WAYNE HINDLE CHARITY DINNER 2014.


Best Regards,


Philip Hitchen.

Belle Vue - Coach Hire Manchester



There's only one WAYNE HINDLE


Wayne Hindle was a personal friend of mine who I unfortunately lost to cancer in December 2012.

Waynes funeral was on the 9th January 2013 and the dinner was in his remembrance for the benefit of The Christy Charity.


Thank you for your support.


Best Regards,


Philip Hitchen